Acne – How To Deal With It?

Tea tree oil is a great organic essential oil. It is taken from the leaves of the melaleuca alterniifolia. It is usually a very pale, gold color that is almost clear. This oil has a lot of benefits. It is used both medically and cosmetically. It performs a lot of treatments, including working as an anti-fungal and antiseptic organic oil.

There are over 100 different components in the native tree from the Northeast coast of Australia. All of these components play an important factor in the healing properties of tea tree oil e cistite.

If you use cloth diapers and soak them while waiting to accumulate a load for either a laundry service or home wash, you can try adding a couple of drops of oil to the wash pail to help keep bacteria under control and thus prevent infection.

Thrush is the direct result of an overgrowth of yeast in the body. It mostly causes sores on your tongue and the around the insides of your mouth and results in bad breath when not handled effectively.

Take a Q-tip to apply the tree oil in the infected area. Dip the Q-tip into the bottle and then apply it to the toenail. Cover the entire nail and not the area where the fungus is present. That way, you can coat the area all over and the oil will get even in the cuticle and nail bed. This will prevent the infection from spreading onto the other areas of the nail.

Due to anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties it can help to keep the hair follicle unblocked and clear away dead skin cells. It is gentle enough to be used on babies and can be used to treat cradle cap, a common skin condition affecting baby’s scalps. The shampoo can also promote hair growth making it a great natural treatment for those suffering from hair loss. For additional benefits, a little bit of the essential oil may be mixed in with the conditioner for a dual effect.

When the toe nail fungus is healed, you should continue using the oil once in a day. To cure chronic fungus infection you have to continue applying the formula twice in a day even after the signs are gone avoid going to public showers, spas and pools and you will remain with healthy feet.


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