Can Avoiding One Month Help Your Retirement Wealth?

October is normally the month when stock market crashes occur. As a whole October is not that bad a performer. The S&P 500 has averaged a positive gain from 1950 to 2009. It was up 36 years and down 24 years. So from that standpoint it would appear to be a pretty good month to be invested in the market.

I love being at the First national National Wealth Center Compensation Plan Amphitheatre on a warm summer night being on your feet dancing when the tone changes as a slow heartfelt song plays while the sun is setting and a slight breeze comes though. That’s what I think of when I hear Home and other songs I’ve seen performed there.

Now we need to focus on what we are truly skilled at and enjoy doing. Separate those tasks and activities. Create a list of activities you are not skilled or highly efficient at. These should be delegated to staff, affiliates, or completely dropped from performing. Then we must find the person who has the skills and enjoys doing National Wealth Center those functions.

Big business including big Wall Street firms as well as the oil companies and the huge box stores like Walmart have never had it so good! Exxon Mobile just came out with their quarterly statement and they made more than 10 BILLION in profit in just this quarter and they are up over 40% from last year and yet because they are a petroleum company they are entitled to tax breaks. And CEO’s nationwide think nothing of granting themselves 7 million dollar bonuses while entire neighborhoods in major cities are being abandoned and the rate of the homeless and the unemployed is sky rocketing!

One reality is that to save a lot of money in a short time is that you will need to cut spending. Financial planners are great at helping you find corners that can be cut. Each dollar saved in your daily life is a dollar put into the stock market. If you and your financial advisors work together well, those dollars could double, quadruple… you get the idea. Cut down on spending as much as you can, and put each of those dollars into some sort of stock, bond or mutual fund as soon as possible.

It is recommended you invest for the long term using dollar cost averaging. This means investing the same amount of money each month no matter what the market does. My intent is not to give investment advice since this isn’t my area of expertise. Rather, I am suggesting a way to invest for the long term without having to learn the ins and outs of investing in the stock market.

Before you actually decide to sell gold or silver, it is better to investigate the different prices being offered by different buyers and choose the best rates. It is also better to go to reliable buyers whom you can trust to give you the best rates. You can check out if they have a physical address and also check with past customers for customer references. It is considered a secure form of wealth and that is why a percentage of the national wealth of most countries is invested in gold coins. Another reason for the surging price of gold is the decrease in production versus the demand. It is acceptable across all boundaries. You can be sure to get the correct price when you sell gold jewelry wherever you are.