Celebrate New Year 2011 With Family

Something was missing tonight. A void. I found myself having serious Olympics withdrawal symptoms. The Games were so brilliantly staged and the competition so compelling that I missed not having them on the tube. It didn’t help that the TV coverage overnight went from sports to politics, with the start of the Democratic National Convention. That’s a slap back to reality.

My oldest son has been in a small school with the same 15 or so kid for 6 years now. Five of these boys, including my own, have birthdays in September. This means we are in the middle of the birthday party and birthday sleepover marathon.

After all that excitement the meeting starts. Some people say its good and it boosts morale. I say its overkill and it gives the meeting the dreary feel of a recovery support group. It begins to get a little bit corny when the Top Qualität are being fired off because a cat is now eating dry food.

Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grille is definitely a lot of fun. It is not really split up like The Bungalow Inn, but the age range is great. People hanging out there seem to be from every age group which is very nice, no reason to feel out of place here for any reason as there’s all ages over twenty one. There is also a wide range of types of people. Its not a large group of men, or a large group of anything, just all different people from all walks of life.

When a person lacks rest or is continuously placed in a situation where he experiences stress, an important part of the brain stops producing needed nutrients. This causes the body to stop functioning properly. Some symptoms include listlessness and headaches. Stress causes high blood pressure, which prevents proper blood circulation. Without proper circulation, the mind and body does not get the needed oxygen and glucose, which is needed to constantly repair nerves and cells. This is what causes the ears to ring incessantly.

I changed my mind on a couple sports. I kind of liked trampoline. Those performers are really talented and it’s a fun event to watch. I also thought team handball is worth saving and I especially enjoyed beach volleyball, men’s and women’s. But I wouldn’t miss field hockey, men’s or women’s, men’s synchronized diving, softball, baseball and, once again, equestrian, although I thought those animals were magnificent.

Hi, at our place we are within one km of a power substation distrubution point, one time a car crashed into some powerlines or something similiar, effecting the substation and the sky lit up green and white, big flashes lighting up the sky. also strange grinding noises. the power dimmed and went out one of the times. sounds like what is happening, some sort of power disruption or overload problem causing it to flash up the sky. it has happened a few times.