Communication Skills – 10 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

Have you ever felt that your relationship is not what it used to be? Have you tried to work it out but constantly hit a brick wall? If the answer is yes then you may have considered marriage or couples counselling. Many people believe that this is a route to saving a relationship but often both sides do not agree. It is important that both partners take part in the counselling or results will be very limited.

Ask yourself “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy.” This is really important. If you are coming to therapy in order for an arbitrator to determine who is “right”, forget it.. counseling singapore is about circular patterns of perception, emotion, and behavior between two parties. In other words, there is no “right” Just different. So prepare yourself and keep an open mind to new ideas, positions, points of view.

Some relationships can feel like a war. Constant arguing or bickering can make living with each other a nightmare. Of course some disagreements or conflict is inevitable in all relationships and in most cases can be a healthy clearing the air or opportunity to work through things. However it is often the aftermath or the consistency that causes distress for some couples.

The Magic of Making Up book by TW Jackson has helped tens of thousands of us save our relationships, learn more about our relationships, and get the people we lost and loved back in our arms. There are testimonials from people who thanked “T-Dub,” the author, for helping them, I’m one of those people.

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Once you have made time, turn your mobile phone on silent and reduce other interruptions to a minimum. This is about you and your partner, not about anyone else. Make it a priority, just like a business meeting.

The bottom line is this – couples counseling is not about confirming blame. It is about each of you learning how to become the best partner you can be!