Helpful Home Improvement Tips For Every Homeowner

Most likely, if you’re reading this, you think about a chief inspector. You may have even seen ads that you can make hundreds of dollars a day as a home inspector. Home inspection schools put many of these ads. They paint a rosy picture about the profession and how easy it is for you to do a lot of money almost overnight.

Do you feel a draft in your home? Today, there are a number of products that utilize air as a form of insulation. That’s right–air! The concept is somewhat akin to that of bubble wrap packaging. Plastic cushions contain air and they are placed in your ceilings and walls. This can save quite a bit of money over traditional insulation options.

With the source of the moisture addressed through grading of the land and moisture removal happening by way of the dehumidifier you can now confront any locations where there’s a persistent ‘dark, suspicious substance’. I’ve seen situations in closets on an outside wall which have been closed for several months. The solution here is to get the air moving by leaving the door open.

Here in Brampton, Ontario, where I do a lot of my work as a home inspector Palm Springs CA I consistently find small amounts of a ‘dark, suspicious substance’. Yes, those are the words I use. I never say the ‘m’ word because I don’t know what it is until I take a sample, send it off to the lab where really clever technicians analyze it and give it a name. There are about one thousand, two hundred names from which to choose.

A home being marketed AS IS doesn’t need an independent inspection – Oh boy…here we go again. If you are buying a home where no representations have been made by the seller…or worse yet the home is being specifically marketed AS IS, then how in the world are you going to know what AS IS…is…unless you have it inspected?

If you are buying a large tract of land with the intention of sub-dividing it into several lots, make sure you have the legal right to do that. Large tracts of land may allow subdividing the property into 5 acre tracts as the minimum size. On the other hand, the restrictions may state ‘no sub-dividing’.

Water heaters You can generally date water heaters the same way you date AC units. Look at the serial number on the rating plate and ascertain its age. With most manufacturers it can be pretty easy to figure out, the major exception being the Bradford-White brand. Contingent on a few aspects such as water hardness, water heaters will by and large last from 8 to 12 years. Quite often longer, but that’s a pretty precise range. Happily a water heater will not break the bank when you require to substitute it.