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I’m using Adobe Premiere 1.5 on Windows Home Edition. Whenever I import a quicktime movie that I created from a previous priemere project, I receive an error message saying “sorry, premiere have encountered a serious error and needs to shut down.” It also happen if I…

The first order of business is to click the “Solve a Problem” link. Select “Sound and Microphone” from the list. There will be several options under “Sound.” Select the one that sounds most similar to the problem you’re having. If you can’t find a link that describes your specific sound problem, simply select the link that applies to your computer’s operating system.

If you are planning to buy the Dell Inspiron N4030 Laptops then have a look on other features which may helps you in taking the wise decision such as Windows 7, Vista and XP supported device drivers (IDT HD do i need realtek audio driver, ATI graphics driver, Dell Bluetooth driver, etc.) presented, therefore no need to be bothered regarding where to download the Windows Vista 32bit or Windows XP drivers.

This is rated difficult and time consuming first because checking each driver takes a fair amount of time. It is painstaking but possible. It is rated difficult because when you find a driver in need of updating you will need to uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers. This takes a bit of skill and the average computer user will find it difficult and nerve racking to do.

You are able to adjust File name format to anything you like in the output tab, maintain default if you have no idea how to handle it. With the same tab select Record to MP3 and set music bit-rate to 192kbps. Additionally select the VBR for better output quality and relative smaller file size.

Could anybody list any advantages and disadvantages of a printer upgrade? mainly base around upgrading a printer in a college of school environment. Disadvantages: It wil cost money Potential disadvantages: probability of start-up problems, like connection and setup, and getting used-to problems resembling knowing how to operate…

After several hours of experimental tweeking and updating, I am glad to report that my friend now has a happy, healthy computer that runs just as good, if not better, as before. I would say that only $43 for a major repair was a pretty good find.


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If you are setting up an online business then sooner or later you will wonder whether you should be writing and selling your own e-book. Here are 10 reasons why you should do it. “I just left there,” she said, about to deliver the line I needed to hear to get me into action. “Some […]