How To Snag An Office Hottie With Custom Printed Gifts

Birthdays are probably the most celebrated days of an individual’s life. Family and friends try to make it as joyous and bright as possible. Flowers, cakes, chocolates and so on are all very popular gift items. But over the years they seem to have lost the touch of surprise a gift would bring to the receiver. Following are some uncommon ideas to send online gifts to India on the occasion of your loved one’s birthday.

Teachers always appreciate homemade gifts from their students. Have your child make an album for her teacher. You could also coordinate a group gift by sending each child in the class a page to make for the scrapbook.

Photo jewelry is also great as gifts for family and friends. Instead of buying your girlfriend a plain old bracelet, you can adorn it with pictures to add a special touch and make it one of a kind. You don’t have to spend much on it at all because you can make everything by hand. Some people are allergic to certain types of metal, so make sure you get them a piece that will not make them break out. If you already make your own jewelry and sell it, you can start adding photo attachments to them so your customers can customize their orders.

A good idea is to give eco friendly green gifts. The benefit here is that then the receiver does not bother about the cost of the gift but seeing his/her name/photo on the gift treasures it.

Wall-clock with baby’s photo – You can use a printer to have baby’s photo or just use his picture and trim it to the desired size to fit the wall-clock space. If you want to use the original picture directly, trim it to a shape you see fit. Outline with glitters. Paste on the upper part of the wall-clock’s face. Try adding a tiny baby-themed stickers on the clock’s face.

Many people also concern about whether they should give regular gifts or cash. There is a culture and regional difference of how people perceived cash gifts. In the northern part of the US, most people give cash as gift and it is considered perfectly appropriate. People from the south might think giving cash is impersonal. Many Asian American usually give their friends and relatives cash, and they expect other people do the same. People from other part of the world also have their own traditions. Therefore, be sensitive to the culture of the bride and groom next time when you shop for wedding gifts.

Some ornaments you fall in love with when you first see them, some become more precious as the years go by. With these great sites you can pick out exactly what you are looking for before you buy it, and fall in love with it when you put it on your tree. These sites also offer great ideas for very unique, personalized gifts. The people you give these to as gifts will know that you care about them, because you picked out such wonderful gifts.


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