Integrating An Acquired Company – Lessons From An Indian Emperor Called Akbar

English history is intertwined with India. After all 200 years is a long period and it cannot be wished away. The British rule threw up local Englishmen who made India their home.They loved the country and some explored, some hunted, some preserved relics and monuments and some wrote about India.

Sanjay Gandhi. He was a man accused of being an extra constitutional authority by his opponents. He was the younger son of Indira Gandhi and was a dynamic man. Perhaps that is what unnerved the opposition. He was the first man who realized the problem of India was population growth. The Indians at the time of independence were 33 crores and by the seventies had blown to 70 crores. He was the first leader to realize that this bloated population would sound the death knell of India.

The limitations given to a woman are a gift of God. Her periodic cycle and general lack of physical strength can be a handicap. Recently when the BSF (Border Security Force) in India recruited a battalion of women and placed them on the Pakistan border the Pakis made snide remarks to the effect that the women soldiers would be ‘under’ the joinindianarmy.

Much has been written about his political development and achievements. Robert MacNamara, then-president of the World Bank, said in his opening address at the first Tun Abdul Razak Memorial lecture that he was envious of the Malaysians in the audience who had walked with the founding father of the nation, whereas he had to get to know the Tunku through the history books.

General Marshal sitting in USA had felt that an allied assault may not have the desired effect as Kesselring could easily escape beyond the Alps and set up a line of defense there. But Kesselring’s request to Hitler to withdraw did not have the desired result and he had no choice but to hold the Gothic line. There were heavy casualties among the allied troops who failed to breach the Gothic line. It was not for want of bravery but for some strange reason where the Italian campaign had low importance. In that case the men who die in that campaign perhaps died in vain.

One of the first golf courses was set up at Colaba, under the aegis of the United Services club. This is a nine hole golf course that abuts the sea is a wonderful place to play the game with the Arabian sea lapping one end of the course. A long shot with the woods can well land the ball into the Arabian sea. This golf course is maintained excellently, but membership is restricted to service officers.

This week I sat at my computer with a thought in my head about how the Muslims are constantly exalting God. (By the way, the ALLAH that Islam is constantly referring to is God (YHWH.) They will say something like, “You cannot fight God (may his name be exalted…).” Christians don’t do that, and I was wondering why – so, I typed in the phrase exalting God.

The code of conduct for an officer is a matter of honor. Fight and kill- yes that is what he is trained for but underneath, the concept of the Raj of fair play and going by the rules is paramount. Do not kill innocents and follow the Geneva conventions. Dammit! you have to be a gentleman as well. I let all who read this article form a judgment of their own. Is that concept, of an unwritten code of behavior for the officer class, still alive – in the Pakistani army? One will have to think deep to arrive at an answer.