Ladies Leather Riding Boots – No Horse Required!

Great! You aspire to bare back horse riding. Today I’m going to give you some tips on getting started with this wonderful aspect of horsemanship. Riding bare back is not only fun, but its practical as well. Not in the sense that its a great way to take off down the trail, but rather its a great way to improve your overall riding skills. You will really get in tune with your horse, sharpen your cues, and dramatically improve your seat. Imagine how much better you’ll be riding with the saddle after mastering riding bare back. When you get really good at it, you can even ride bridleless.

Sunscreen and lip balm. Very important, commonly forgotten. You need to protect your skin from the harsh sun while riding and your lips from wind burn as you canter through the countryside.

Unfortunately the true function of this muscle and its bio mechanics is not well understood by many of these people and the teaching of it is not complete. Many people think they are doing Pilates and in fact they are not.

If you are about to take on the sport of Horse Riding and are seeking lessons then it is very important to follow the lessons of an expert. Horse riding can be a very dangerous sport and even handling a horse can result in injury. I teach riders from little kids to adults from the time they want to learn and have horse riding in london lessons through to competition level. Horse riding lessons must include all aspects of riding and owning a horse. Not every person owns their horse but it is important to learn about the care of a horse.

Check your own clothing, don’t even try to go out riding without the proper helmet, or equipment. And check the good state of these as well, because a cracking helmet won’t be of help if you were to fall.

The key to riding correctly is to establish the ideal riding position. Beginners should keep their heels down to keep you secure should the horse come to an abrupt stop. You should also keep your shoulders back, back straight, and elbows at your sides.

Polo is another very popular all time favourite team sport. There are four players on each team and their horses. The players score points by sending a small white plastic or wooden ball into the opposition team’s goalpost. They us a long stick, which is called a mallet, to strike the ball. This game can be played anywhere and in all seasons. It can be played during summer in the ground or during winter on a frozen lake or ground filled with snow. No wonder then, that this sport is enjoyed by all professional horse-riders.

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