Make Him Fall In Love – Make Him Commit For Romance And Affection

It is believed that marriage and romance usually don’t go hand in hand as marriage is an eye opener whereas love is blind. But that’s not true at all. You can be married and still be romancing your spouse. So how to keep romance bubbling in the marriage?

Indeed, we can have friendship and “perfect” big-O sex with little or no reviews. However, I think men fall for a woman romantically when she captures his imagination as well as his “ardor”. I think men often just don’t know how to communicate their romantic feelings.

On another note, imagine your wife/girlfriend coming home from work and you greeting her at the door with a kiss and a tight squeeze, isn’t this part of loving somebody and showing affection? Then again, does “true love” still exist?

Male escorts, cheaters, backstabbers, quirky characters, and unexpected love… is there a need to say more? The wedding date is a great movie to keep you laughing, but also shows how a couple can overcome love obstacles and that love can be found in the unexpected. A romantic movie for the couple who needs a good laugh and a lot of drama.

Romance novels are meant to spark feelings of passion, longing and love. If you have any question about this, then just look at some of the trashy cover art. Some of the covers might make a sailor blush. But then, a good trashy sailor story wouldn’t be so bad either. Come to think of it, any sailor story about a guy with bulging muscles, a crooked rascal grin and a good set of, well, okay, teeth, wouldn’t be so bad either.

Love Actually is a heart-breaking love story for the reason that two lovers will never end up together. Why? This is a story about a man involved with his best friend’s wife. The movie scene that took the 5th place is when he comes at her front door and tells her with signs that he loves her.

Now that you have acquired the basic skills needed in this romance guide it’s time to put them to use. Keep in mind performing one romantic stunt every 9-12 months is not going to cut it. You need to perform random yet consistent expressions of love and kindness. In the end your lady desires a feeling of deep love & connection with her partner.


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