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Buyers love seeing and hearing those words. And why wouldn’t they? First-time buyers make up 40 percent of the home buying market. This is nearly half of all homes sold.

These properties may qualify for lending that does not require income verification or high credit scores. There are programs available that have funds for smaller loan amounts $100,000 to $1,000,000. These programs will allow you to state your income. In other words- you do not have to produce your tax returns and qualify on them. Your credit score will determine the approval, rate & terms of the mortgage.

Again, if you don’t need all that house, but want to remain living in it, why not rent out part of it for income. You may want to rehab it so that you have an ‘in-law’ arrangement that includes a separate kitchen and bathroom – and a separate entrance.

The other type of person that can benefit from this type of mortgage is a person that purchases homes for resale. The buyer can recover his investment from the sale of the house. If he uses an interest only mortgage to purchase the house he can use the extra capital to make improvements to the house and increase its sale value. He can then sell the house at a higher value and pay off the mortgage.

A conforming mortgage conforms to Fannie Mae and Freddie Macs; (the biggest purchasers of Mortgages ) underwriting guidelines. Their 2007 loan ceilings are: 1 family homes $417,000 2 family homes $533,850 3 family homes $645,300 and 4 family homes $801,950. The rates are generally competitive among lenders give or take an eighth to a quarter of a rate. “Jumbo” Polar Mortgages WC2H 9JQ exceed the conforming ceilings. Jumbo rates are usually higher than conforming rates.

When you are looking for a this type of loan, it is important to find a reputable lender. Look for one that has good reviews with the Better Business Bureau. Asking friends and family for recommendations is another smart way to find a good lender. You can also find great deals online. Many online lenders offer lower interest rates because they have less overhead costs Polar Mortgages than a larger more traditional financial institution. They are usually more willing to negotiate fees and the processing time is usually quicker. Many people find this more attractive in today’s fast paced world, since the only time you have to take the time to meet with a representative is at the closing.

Yet, debt has another face. This face of debt can be a great gift to those who recognize it and use it well. Why? Debt allows you to take advantage of someone else’s money to buy something you could not afford to buy. Debt allows you to do and be and have what you could not do on your own.

We gave him a 70% first mortgage and a 30% second mortgage, as opposed to your traditional 80/20. This enabled him to get the best rate possible on a long-term first mortgage, with no need to ever have a costly refinance. The loan will eventually look the exact same as if he had sold his home prior to this acquisition. Dave and Diane were thrilled!!! When their home eventually sells, and it’s currently in escrow, they will simply pay off the second mortgage. They have the comfort of knowing they have a great first mortgage they can live with, in their dream home, for many years to come.


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