Music Marketing Promotions 101 – What You Need To Know

In our years of experience, we have seen a huge variety of small business web site problems. In this post, we discuss the most urgent problems we see as we work on small business web site design.

The opening page of your web shop must be designed! You should pay attention to the opening page and carefully design it, highlighting some products. Weekly or monthly offers are recommended. Emphasizing a few products from different categories might raise conversion value.

Search for “online hotel booking engine” on your favourite search engine and many will come up. We always prefer to keep visitors within a site and therefore the OBE code needs to be easily integrated into a page on your site. Failing that your OBE set up MUST open a new browser and either present some design/colour relationship with your site reproduce it completely if possible or very clearly state that this is the booking engine for The Sample Hotel it should never provide links to other hotels free web promotions that the OBE company services.

Promotions strategies can be a one or a two point sales system. If you are marketing on the web or in print, then it is usually a two point system. Which means, the first part of your promotions strategy is to get people to your website (or into your store). Your only goal in your advertising in this strategy is getting people to click. Your sales copy on your website is then responsible to convert them to buyers.

Is your company the equivalent of the invisible man? You’re on the Web, but nobody cares because you’re not saying anything worth listening to, and if they do see you, you are instantly forgettable.

In just a few minutes after your purchase, you can have a phone number and be instantly talking on your pay as you go phone. Most brand new tracfones have free promotion codes to give you instant talk time for up to 20 minutes. Most phones come with 10 minutes of free talk time. When you activate your phone over the web, you get a web promotional bonus of 10 additional minutes of talk time. Always activate on the web.

I have just touched the surface on a few of the different techniques that I have used to promote my own web site. There are actually hundreds of other offline and online methods to promote a web site. Use your imagination and do not be afraid to try new things. Test everything you do and when you find something that works keep doing it.


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