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Has America learned anything from the Iraq war? Or are we headed to another war with Iran too? We have already lost over 3,800 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and 28,009 U.S. soldiers have been injured there. Our troops must return home now before even one more soldier dies.

Jefferson the statesman? Again, he and his Gulf Start bedfellows think so, but so far I ain’t feelin’ it. He’s pretending to be the beloved JFK, but he ain’t him, this ain’t then, and his imitation is hollow. JFK, a Democrat, was a different kind of Democrat than this current crop of usurpers. The modern day Democrat Party is not even remotely recognizable to the Dems that existed when JFK was President.

If you are building a business which involves training and helping others then the organizational leadership training begins with you. If your home-based work is on top of a day job and other responsibilities, like looking after your family, then you need to use your time effectively and do what you can to keep you focussed.

We need democracy at play at international levels, to carry the writ of the majority who are for peace & isolate those with vested interests to keep the tensions ongoing. The world has to unite, focus on what benefits humanity, and get cracking without let-up. We lose time, money & even precious lives by intransigence that sees issues being unresolved & passed on from generations to generations. Their resolutions based on compromises would have carried us to another level; investments of time & money there from would have enriched us all, not least from better understanding based on basic human courtesy.

People watch an average of 4 hours TV! Add to that the time reading newspapers gossiping and surfing and you could easily lose half of your waking hours to activities that are not just unproductive and waste time but actually drain your energy lower your vibration and make political communications company you less likely to attract positive results.

>If Governor Spitzer resigns, he can help make history. Lieutenant Governor David Peterson is the man who’d take Governor Spitzer’s spot if he steps down. Lieutenant Governor Peterson would be the first African-American New York governor and also the first blind governor. Yes! Peterson is legally blind. It would be a historic event that would inspire others and put a positive spin on a negative event.

Intelligence is much more than scoring high on an IQ test or being able to talk about the classics at a Manhattan party. The ultimate test is one’s proven ability to make wise decisions in challenging times. Sadly, most of our politicians define wisdom in terms of a vote instead of hard experiences. We need to be asking some different questions of the candidates in 2010.


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