Property Management: Are You Ready?

As our economy moves out of the doldrums we are entering a new economic cycle and we are seeing the share market pick up and some sectors of the Australian property markets literally booming.

Think uncluttered. There is no need for these details and they only distract buyers from viewing the individual rooms as their own home. A fruit bowl on the counter or a vase of flowers on the dining room table is how most people live. Less really property staging is more.

If potential buyers admire your furniture, then offer it to them. Tell them to add their cost to their offer price. It will then be amortized and add next to nothing to their monthly repayments – you both benefit. If they are unsure about that, it may be worth your while to offer it to them free if they make an offer immediately. That’s up to you, but that has also been known to happen. It secures an immediate offer and your home is sold rather than you waiting for months.

The liquidity factor in commercial show home staging is high. That means that it takes longer to dispose of the property when the time comes for sale. Depending on the property in can take 6 months or more to sell a commercial property; in that case the sale strategy tapping into the right target market is critical. This is where a property agent with a depth of real skill and knowledge is essential.

Seven: You should get legal advice from a local attorney when purchasing a property. The attorneys will advice you on the local real estate property buying law. In this way, you won’t violate the law when buying a property abroad. The attorney will handle the whole buying process from the beginning to the end.

The same applies to the living room. Put some of the contents of your wall display unit up into the attic until your property is sold. Show the potential new owner that there is plenty storage room – so much that you cannot use it all. This is a ploy that not many sellers use, and you should use it to sell your home. Staging your home for sale is creating an illusion more than showing it as it is.

After staging your home to sell, this is the time to take pictures of it for marketing on the property magazine. Make sure that you get the perfect photos that have amazing angles. Don’t forget to put the features that are catchy and striking. Indicate also the important contact information for further information.


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