Recovery Or Not? January Unemployment At 9.7% With A Loss Of 20,000 Jobs

For months, we have been saying that investors should stay away from government and investment grade bonds. When cash rich companies like, IBM, Microsoft, Pepsi, Walmart, and McDonald’s can issue debt at yields near or below 1% for 3 years, you have to question the intelligence of the bond market. Finally, this December, it seems as if we got the correction that we have been looking for.

Loyalty to one’s financial planner, broker or banker is admirable. However, what would you do if you had a job where every payday your employer was to tell you he couldn’t pay you and then asked you to keep on working on the hope that someday you will get all of the money that is owed to you for the work completed? You need to be able to stay in your comfort zone and therefore you need to be proactive whether it is with your job or your investments. Working for someone who doesn’t pay you or having investments that are losing money is not acceptable, especially when there are safe alternatives available.

For one, it highlights how little control Beijing actually has over how China’s stimulus funds are being spent. For another thing, it puts many ground-level Chinese industrial producers at risk of insolvency if the price of, say, iron ore falls too far.

2)The portion of the $1,000 you want to put to work for you is your personal choice. You may not want to give up any of the Cryptocurrency Investment Recovery as they represent a lifestyle you want to maintain or you may want to make the full amount productive now which will allow you to spend more in the future. A few private mutual funds allow you to make monthly contributions to your account. It may be as low as $100. Surprisingly, $100 per month will compound relatively quickly.

Then, just pay the taxes off yourself, or flip quickly to another investor for a steep discount that still allows you a nice profit, and let him pay the taxes.

Search the internet for a free USB Data Recovery software product. Install it and use it to recover and restore any lost data that you can get. I would then copy the data to my computer Hard Drive if that is not where you restored to in the first place. One thing to remember is that free software might be just a trial version and expires. If you want to purchase it they usually want you too.

Will this bull last? The current underlying fundamentals say ‘NO’, but the outlook by market analysts is that next year we will see the return of good corporate profits and better exports to foreign countries. So far it has been the American consumer who has held the market up with purchases of cars and houses. If this can continue we will see some corporate expansion and employment rise again.

I realize some of these questions may appear to be insensitive, but they need to be asked. An emotional response to the devastation coupled with a blank check will likely mean that our children and grandchildren will be paying the tab, perhaps long after many of us are gone.


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