Reputation Management In The Cloud

Have you thought about the tone or voice you create when you interact with social media? As a business leader, using social media can be ineffective if you aren’t also guarding your reputation and brand closely. Part of that brand is your voice, the things you stand for and the way in which you interact with others. If you happen to be a solopreneur, creating a brand voice isn’t as difficult, but how do you remove emotion or frustration from your online interactions? Consistency is critical to your business’s brand and identity!

Be sure to perform this search with several different search engines, in case the results are different on each one. The next thing you will want to do is set up a Google alert account.

Gather intelligence. This goes hand in hand with Step 1, but you can’t really gather effectively until you’ve started the conversation that follows from Steps 2 and 3. Once you’ve established your own presence online, you can start to really learn exactly who your customer is and what they want. This is the revered Holy Grail of marketing: knowing customers better than they know themselves. You can achieve this through effective online What Are Some Ways to Self-Manage Your Online Reputation?.

The updated edition of the E-Book is now 280 pages which also features a resource section as well as a customer service number for a free strategy session. Listed below are a few of the chapters included in How to fight Google and Win.

Google+ – the red-headed stepchild of social networks. Google+ is awesome for a few reasons- number one being awesome functionality and developers behind it. That said, the main public hasn’t fully caught on yet and as such Google+ is definitely lagging behind the other social networks. They did just allow for business Online Reputation Management pages recently so it isn’t just for social users anymore. That said, the biggest penalty comes from not allowing a custom URL. You have to spend a lot of time on Google+ to get it to rank well. It works great if you have the time to be on it a few times every week and connecting with people, but not for your average busy professional. It does have a PR8 and is the spawn of the practical owners of the internet so you should still probably at least sign up for one, or something.

If you suspect you have links to your site that you don’t know about, use a tool such as SEOmoz to check your backlinks. There have been occasions when a website has bought links to a competitor’s site, and then reported the site to Google. Using SEOmoz will allow you to see what sites are linking to you. If you find a site that should not be linking to you, contact them and demand to be delinked. If your demand goes unheeded, have the rel=”no follow” attribute added to them.

Set up a Google Alert for your company name. Google Alerts is a free service that emails you when your specified keywords, in this case your company name, appear on newly published web pages. By enclosing your company name in quotations, you’ll ensure that that the alert will only trigger for your company name in its exact form.

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