Setting Up A Secure Wireless Network (Part 4)

Networks and security go hand in hand, you should not have one without the other. Hackers, malware and even neighbors all want access to your network resources and a free ride on your wireless, and because a lot of people still think technology is super hard, they don’t bother to secure their network, or they rely on an inexperienced friend to do it. Below you can find a few ways to secure your home network.

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Create an email address specifically for job hunting, and get targeted job emails sent to you from the various Network Security online sources. Be sure to check everyday, and try to filter out the jobs you want to apply for.

Keeping track of all your efforts is a full time job within itself. It is also vitally important. Use a simple spreadsheet; enter all the details of agencies you’ve joined, job sites you’ve signed up to (keeping track of all login information).

Firewalls are also a necessity for booter. The original meaning of the word “firewall” came from the wall in a home or other important building that’s purpose was to prevent a fire from spreading to the rest of the house or building. Many routers come with some sort of computer firewall. This is because a computer firewall blocks unwanted access from the computer connected to it, and it allows programs that have been given an exception (or ones deemed to be safe). Occasionally a firewall will mistake a harmless program for a threat. This is when you must solve the issue by simple and specifically telling the firewall that it is OK for it to pass through. Firewalls do not block viruses that you unknowningly download yourself.

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Sometimes however robberies take place in spite of the presence of locks, lights, neighbors, alarm systems and window grills. So what could have gone wrong? One might want to ponder over it. It might sound cliched but you need to be cautious about leaving any door or window open. An open window is a thief’s delight. So be on your toes, always! Mend you locks and install an alarm system it will only buy you more time if not protection. If you are the conventional type, a well-trained Labrador might as well do.