The 2-Minute Rule for industrial screw compressors

Screw compressors are especially made to handle a broad variety of completely dry product transfer ranging from granulates, cement as well as plastics to sand, flour, lime and also silicate. Its body has 2 forms of screws better referred to as the women as well as male screws. Women screws are those with concave inlets while male screws have convex ones.

Screw compressors run in opposite directions. It is the women screw that receives the driving power. The male screw on the other hand, is in charge of transferring the power driven by the female variation. It passes through a set of the supposed synchronization equipments.


Aside from the significant roles of male and also female screws in a compressor, there are other vital parts of the procedure. While the screws start rotating, the admission process takes place. This is where the air loads the inlet port thus inhabiting the space in between the two screws.

Alongside the admission phase is the compression phase. This is when the male thread quits or obstructs the female string. Throughout this phase, the turning of the screws starts to lower. As quickly as the quantity gets to the compressor’s shipment outlet then the exhaust stage happens.

The exhaust stage is that circumstances when the screws no more have contact with each other. Complete integrity is gotten throughout the treatment thus permitting the screw compressors to be of fantastic use to several applications Usual instances are hydraulic power systems, electric motor and fixed and mobile applications.

The different types as well as their certain applications.

There is one type called the rotating screw compressor. This is discovered under the kinds of gas compressors. It uses a mechanism through a single screw or a double counter helical screw. While the device does its work, gas can be attracted with the covering’s port then recorded in a specific cavity. Discharge of the gas is after that made to one more port in the housing. This type of screw compressor is used generally markets such as those trailer units powered by diesel as seen in building sites.

Another particular kind is the oil-flooded screw compressor. This is often useful in securing as well as cooling down gas charges. As the oil moves at the same time, it goes through separation from the discharge stream prior to it is cooled and filteringed system. In the future, the oil is recycled.

Oil-free screw compressors are likewise examples of this commercial equipment. Without the presence of any oil, air compression is made likely by the screws. This kind is fairly vital in clinical looks into along with in semiconductor industries.

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