The Doyan Of Indian English Writing – Lt Col Manohar Malgonkar

When you feel it in your heart that enough is enough, it is time to plan a getaway. Do not forget to take your family along with you because just like you, they need their kind of escape in your company. This being settled, the search for the best of the locations comes to the mind and gets started. And thus starts taking into considerations all the places that are hot in season the vacations are being planned.

Unfortunately, I now have a bit of a brick wall with his Mother. I have her name, but she doesn’t belong to the parents I first thought. When I rechecked her date of birth it didn’t fit with the other persons details. So, back to the drawing board as they say!

After some gentle questioning and harmless sharing, I learnt that he had retired from the EME branch of the join Join Indian Army. He bought his auto from the retirement bonus. It was only ten days new and he had retired no more than a month ago. He said if he’d had to stay home and do nothing, he’d have become sick. “Hum armywalon ko chain se bethna aata hi nahin hai” (Us Army fellas can’t sit idle). With the remainder of the bonus he bought a flat on lease. Basically he was all set, and driving the auto around the city was a way for him to pass time. “Barah hazaar rupaiye toh pension milta hain” (My monthly pension is Rs. 12,000/-). There I heard it, that contentment most go crazy for.

The battle lasted six hours and the Afghan Muslims lost over 1000 dead. Ishwar Singh ordered his soldiers to defend Saragarhi at any cost. He was aware that in case Saragarhi was captured the situation at Fort Lockhart would be disastrous and the resultant control of the British over this region (NWFP) would be greatly weakened. The battle continued for 6 hours and repeated charges of the Afghan were repelled. However with ammunition running low and causalities mounting the Afghans finally managed to break through & capture the post.

Enter Join Indian Army and this fully grown adult decides to pursue a career in acting. His father lost his battle with Cancer. Shahrukh was too shattered but vowed to take care of his mother and sister. He grew up and fell in love with a Hindu girl. He traveled to Mumbai to woo her and won her over. Mr. Fate intervened once again and he lost his mother in Delhi. Depressed and lost, he came to Mumbai and told his film maker friend, “One day I am going to rule this city.” The journey was tough, with twists and turns from all sides. He did not have a family background of acting, nor was he acquainted with the tough head-to-head competition in the world acting. He had chosen to tread an unknown path because he wanted to live his dream.

Qutub Minar – It is a tower standing in Delhi which was constructed by Qutb-ud-din Aibak. It has as surprising height of 72.5 meters that equals to 237.8ft. Today with the modern development, Qutub Minar is the nearest station to Delhi Metro.

Tarkeshwar Temple : Tucked in between the thick forests of deodar and pine, Tarkeshwar temple is known for the ancient Siddhpeethas. The temple is dediocated to the Lord Shiva and is at the height of 2092 meters. During the festival of Shivrati, a special worshiop is held at the temple. The temple was set up by the Aaadi Sankaracharya.