Tips For Making Your Cruise Vacation Safe

So you’re thinking of going on a Carnival cruise! Here are some helpful tips that are sure to help you save money and enjoy your cruise to the fullest! These 7 cruise tips for Carnival cruises are guaranteed to maximize your cruise experience.

Today’s modern ocean-going ship has it all: rock-climbing walls, ice skating, up to 20 different dining venues for your enjoyment [most at an extra fee], and gorgeous accommodations with nice amenities – did we mention you now pay for the movies you watch in your cabin. Ocean ships are now more like a Vegas-style vacation than a cruise, but our main objection is… what ever happened to the all-inclusive nature of a cruise? It is dead and buried!

All cruise companies have their web sites and you can search and explore the different cruises on offer. You can also tour the ship and look at what all there is on board. You can look at the different cabins and select a cabin of your choice. This has made it much easier for prospective holiday makers to select a cruise of their choice.

Now, we don’t want to place too large of a cloud over traditional ocean cruising because the ocean cruise business is the genesis of what has driven the exploding river cruises on lake Minnetonka MN demand. And, an ocean cruise vacation does have many wonderful elements and is still the second best cruise vacation choice you can make.

Of course, you can still cross oceans and spend weeks on a cruise ship. You can, if you have the wherewithal even spend thousands of dollars. Those kinds of cruises are still out there.

Cruise Tip #3 -Always pay for your gratuities in advance when Carnival cruise offers you this option. Many experts in the cruise industry talk about this in depth. It’s customary for most cruise lines to pay tips to the crew, and many times this is done the last night. However, if you have the option to add it into your initial expense, take advantage of it! This is a great budgeting tool because it gets this cost out of the way early and will help you to make sure you stay within your designated budget amount.

Caribbean cruises, particularly the better ones, will fill up quickly, so this is one holiday that you really have to book well in advance. A year in advance is not too early. I like to book my Caribbean cruise a year in advance, but put my name down for any last minute cancellations, in case I can pick up a bargain.


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