Why You Should Choose Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

As a medical professional working in an orthopedic department, many times the cause of broken hips, ankles and legs is narrowed down to the stairs. One third of our independent seniors suffer a moderate fall each year. Although many claim the stairs tried attacking them, the real cause is usually tripping over items left on the stairs, missing a step, or poor lighting. Here are some easy tips and some great products available on the market to help make the stairs and staircase a little safer.

When using iron in your Wooden Stairs, make sure that it is coated with an anti-rust solution, so that tetanus will be a very far possibility in your household. Also make sure that balusters are spaced just right. This means that a child’s head cannot fit in between, which will prevent any falls. If you opt to put carpets on your stairs, make sure that it is securely placed and is made of non-slip material, so that slips, trips, and falls will all be avoided.

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Make your cat enclosure a fun place and add some wooden Bespoke staircases London that lead to a cat tree house or cat perch. It is no secret our beloved pets love to explore.

Now that Christmas has arrived, you may be more excited to decorate your wooden handrails on the staircase. You can add fresh green garland or choose to go with artificial green garland. Once the garland is in place, add the variety of Christmas lights that show your style. You can choose to hang a few ornaments along the handrails as well. It is suggested to use shatterproof ornaments – to avoid breaking a favorite Christmas ornament that may mean a lot to you and your loved ones.

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